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The Destruction of Jerusalem

Part 10 The Conclusion of the Destruction of Jerusalem--by George Peter Holford 1805, What is Ahead?
Post by Kathy McInvale
Pages 60-62: “The same prophet also thus describes the great purposes of his advent; viz. ‘to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness.’ And are not these precisely the very purposes for which, according to the writers of the New Testament, Jesus Christ came into the world, and which before his departure out of it, he full accomplished? Daniel predicted, moreover, that the Messiah should ‘cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease:’ and accordingly, still to use his language, has not ‘the daily sacrifice been taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate been set up?’ and has not your nation (to use the words of another of your prophets) abode ‘many days without a king, and without a prince, and without a sacrifice, and without an image, and without an ephod, and without teraphim?’ (Hosea 3:4). It was likewise foretold by Daniel, that the Messiah would ‘seal up the vision and prophecy,’ and accordingly this prediction, like all the rest in your scriptures relating to the Messiah, was accomplished in Jesus Christ; for is it not clear that his favorite disciple St. John was the last inspired prophet? Did not the prophetic vision close with his ‘Revelation’s?’ and hath any one since prevailed to unloose the mysterious and inviolable seal? It may be further proper to remind you, that precisely at the period of Christ’s advent, a lively expectation of the appearance of your Messiah in Judea, was not only current throughout your own nation, but even obtained in many parts of the Roman empire. Hence the rise of those ‘false Christs and ‘false prophets, which we have described, and the credulity of your ancestors in believing their declarations. They promised temporal deliverance, dominion, and glory; therefore they were regarded. The true Messiah offered a release from the captivity of sin and Satan, a spiritual salvation, and everlasting glory in heaven; and therefore he was rejected. Thus they manifested their preference of the pleasures of sense, and earthly grandeur, before holy enjoyments, and the glories of an unseen and future world. When, however, he was thus ignominiously treated by them, he in mercy turned to us Gentiles. O! that Our enjoyment of your privileges might provoke you to jealousy! But you are still looking forward to a temporal deliverer. O! drop this fatal delusion, and be assured that, until, as a people, you shall acknowledge Jesus Christ to be the only Savior from sin, guilt, condemnation, and punishment (which was the character in which he at first offered himself to you), you will wait in vain for the reestablishment of your ‘place and nation.’

Finally, The catastrophe which we have described is pregnant with the most important instruction to the whole world. From amidst the runs of Jerusalem, a voice may be heard calling loudly and incessantly in ears of all nations, and saying, ‘Beware that ye depart, not from the living God!’ whilst the insulted descendants of Abraham, scattered over the face of the earth, re-echo, in despite of themselves, the solemn admonition, and, in effect exclaim, ‘Behold! picture in our fate the awful consequences of apostasy, and especially of our rejection of the Messiah, the Redeemer of the world!’”

Now from Solving the Mystery of Babylon The Great: By Edward Hendrie: Chapter 27: Establishing The Zionist Churches

“In the 1800’s Zionist Jews needed financial backing from the United States or their plan for a News Israel would fail. In the 1800’s the United States was a predominately Christian Country. Any attempt to subjugate Palestine and reestablish Israel as a state in that region would be met with resistance from the then politically influential Christian quarter in the U.S. The Christians in the U.S. posed a political roadblock to funding the new state of Israel. The Zionists knew that they had to nullify the anticipated Christian resistance to their Zionist plan. They decided that the Christian theology in the Protestant churches must be changed to favor an Israeli state. They had ready theologians to perform this duty in their Jesuit auxiliary.

The Jesuits decided upon a plan to inject a theology into the Protestant churches whereby the Jews would be restored to their lost prominence via the rebuilding of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem. There would be a reinstatement of animal sacrifices and the ordinances of the Old Testament law. Christ would return and rule from the temple during a millennial reign. Thus, the Christians would look upon the reestablishment of the Jewish state of Israel in Palestine as a fulfillment of the prophecy. They, consequently, would not offer any political resistance but rather would be encouraged to support Israel.

The Catholic Church also wanted to steer the Protestant theology away from identifying the pope as the antichrist. The idea was to point the attention of Protestants to a future antichrist and away from the antichrist sitting on the throne in Rome. So the Jesuits tried to frame a new “Christian” eschatology that accomplished both concealing the antichrist and reestablishing the Jews to prominence in God’s prophetic plan. The Jesuits and their fellow travelers cobbled together a disjointed patchwork of bible passages that served to lay the groundwork for this futurist/Zionist theology.

Ultimately, this new theology was introduced in the seminary schools controlled by crypo-Jews. The witting and unwitting seminary graduates then introduced their new “Christian” theology into the Protestant churches throughout the world. This new theology is the basis for the Left Behind series of 16 religious novels, that have sold more than 65 million copies. The Left Behind series of books are also very popular movies that are promoted in churches throughout the world.”

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