Monday, May 20, 2019

Kabbalah Secrets Christians Need to Know

Kabbalah Secrets Christians Need to Know: 

An In Depth Study of the Kosher Pig 

and the Gods of Jewish Mysticism 

A top selling book in Christianity and Ministry on Amazon!   

by Deanne Loper

We live in a time when false teachings are infiltrating Christian Theology at a rapid rate. This important book exposes one of the greatest threats to pure Biblical Christianity. Deanne Loper uncovers the deception by giving a detailed description of what Kabbalah is and equips believers to recognize it in its morphed form of Christianity. The evidence shows that the god of today’s Babylonian and kabbalistic Judaism is NOT the God of the Bible and that the current convergence of Christians coming under rabbinic authority will bring them, not to the one true God of the Bible, but to the subservience of the god of Kabbalah – Ein Sof – and to its hierarchy of gods. 

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  2. I just received this book yesterday, and will start it after dinner this evening. It came highly recommended.